Hyrule Warriors Twilight Map C7 Skulltula Bug

We finally collected the last skulltula of Hyrule Warriors last night. Turns out all of our “A” tries before which seemed like they should have had the 1,200 + not more than 4 hearts skulltula show up…should have. There must be a glitch or bug because while you can technically choose to play as any character, if that character happens to be Link, the second skulltula won’t show up. Two player or solo.

We found this out when my sister switched to Young Link last night and our enemy to defeat was not Lana as it had been all of the tries before. The boss of C7 is supposed to be Link, not Lana. Even the visual 8-bit for the map shows Link as the enemy you are facing. So to get the gold skulltula to show up when you complete the first mission without losing 4 hearts & then defeat 1,200 enemies…do not play as Link.

[ C7 on the Twilight Map, following the Adventure Mode grid of rows bottom-to-top A-H, and columns left-to-right 1-16. Cia gets a heart for the “A” rank reward and there is a Cia piece of a heart with 2 skulltulas for the other rewards. ]