Little Leia

Tonight my chihuahua went and sat in front of the mirror up against the wall. There is a bar stool in front of it to keep my sister’s cat from knocking it down and a cardboard box from Aldi under the stool. Both Leia and Oliver like to sit in there occasionally. But tonight, she walked over, sat in the box, and looked forward¬†at herself then started¬†growling a low growl.

It was heartbreaking to watch.

I interrupted her and asked what she was doing and just got the biggest puppy dog eyes back at me.

Whether she was growling at herself, or the “other dog” in the mirror, it was just a small picture of anytime I or any (perhaps every is more accurate) other woman I know has done that same thing. How Jesus must feel when He sees one of us growl when looking at ourselves. It’s not a pretty thing to think on. It’s heartbreaking.

My dog isn’t perfect. But she’s bought and paid for. And she’s my gift. No one, not even my Leia, should growl at my Leia when they see her.