IKEA KULLEN 3 Drawer Issues

Okay, for the one other person who may ever run across this issue or just for our own recollection: Why the drawers aren’t flush on the 3 Drawer KULLEN.

First off, here’s which hole you want to choose to get that bar flush in the very first step.

3 Drawer KULLEN first step

You want to go for the third hole down. This allows the whole bar to sit closer to flush against the edge of the front of the dresser. (Do slide the top back over it though.)

Back the main issue. Mom bought four KULLEN yesterday. The first one we all did together yesterday and aside from figuring out the above, it went smoothly.

Proper 3 Drawer KULLEN

A properly completed 3 Drawer KULLEN. It sits flush, see?

Today my sister and I did the other three. All three of these had gaps.

KULLEN Drawer Gaps

Bah! Gaps on every drawer. Why?

After taking the dresser apart from yesterday, we found the problem.

Properly completed bar for 3 Drawer KULLEN

The bar in a flush KULLEN has a white cover at the end.

White Cover for 3 Drawer KULLEN bar

This little white piece is missing on all three of the other dressers that have the gap problem.

So, if you have this problem you can either get a replacement for your missing parts, or you can just not screw in the screws on the very last step where you join the drawers to the bar. That also allows the drawers to sit flush.